“UWave is a UVC Remote Controlled Autonomous Robot that radiates powerful 254 nm UVC light that is capable of disinfecting large rooms, corridors or any other area susceptible to contamination due to various forms of bacterium and viruses within few minutes. The UV tube installed under the belly of the robot continuously disinfects the floor on which the system traverses”.

Features and specifications

  • Remote controlled operation for
      o Full motion
      o UV Switch ON/OFF
      o UV Timer
      o Line Following Operation
      o Emergency Cut Off
  • Powerful 6 (75W each) UVC tubes plus 1 (11 W) tube for floor
  • Battery endurance 30 mins
  • Over charge protection
  • Operates both on 230 V AC Mains and Inbuilt Battery
  • Motion Detection for safety
  • WiFi Camera
  • Obstacle detection sensors
  • Depth sensor to avoid steps
  • Powerful 4-wheel drive
  • Emergency Switch for ON/OFF
  • Indicator for Power ON
  • Alarm indications
  • Battery Level Indicator
  • Fully autonomous mode using line following
  • uwave



    • Hospitals
    • Shopping Malls
    • Airports
    • Railway Stations
    • Bus Stands
    • Movie Halls
    • Office Buildings