MyBuoy can be launched from beach or boat at high speeds to reach the person in distress in water. The person can hold on to it and can be pulled back to safety.

High powered motors helps MyBuoy to navigate strong water currents and reach the person in distress.  MyBuoy can be used to tow or carry large quantities of relief material for people stranded on roofs or islands after floods.

People stranded in isolated places can be rescued using MyBuoy

Features and specifications

Weight : 18 kg

Size        : 1 mtr

Range   : Line of Sight

Speed   : 20 km/hr

Endurance : 60 mins

Buoyancy   : 300 kg


  •    Remote Controlled Operation
  •    Dual side operation
  •    Navigation lights Red & Green
  •    Auto Switch On Head Lights
  •    Emergency siren
  •    Front Camera
  •    Towing Capability
  •    Powerful
  •    Fast
  •    Long Endurance
  •    Smart