In 2016, an estimated 320 000 people died from drowning, making drowning a major public health problem worldwide. Dronelok with an intention to solve this serious problem has developed "My Buoy" a water based robot that reaches person in distress swiftly and brings him back to shore.

Features and specifications

Weight : 18 kg

Size        : 1 mtr

Range   : Line of Sight

Speed   : 20 km/hr

Endurance : 60 mins

Buoyancy   : 300 kg


  • Audio-visual communication
  • Indicator and siren
  • Automated headlights for night operations
  • Remote control with LCD screen
  • Can also be controlled using on board user friendly buttons
  • Hooks to carry relief material or to tow a boat
  • Fast charging
  • GPS based automatic return
  • Obstacle avoidance sensor is integrated with the system